When you need a tow, odds are pretty good that you’re not in a great place, both physically and emotionally. Unless you happen to be hauling your classic car to your local auto shop for work you’ve been planning on, towing services are generally needed for cases of emergency. Which means that, if you’re hunting for a local towing service, you need service quickly, and you need help from someone you can trust—you don’t want just anyone showing up to help you in the middle of nowhere!

At B&B Towing and Recovery, we pride ourselves on offering the trustworthy towing and roadside assistance you need any time of the day or night. With our Fast Service & Fair Pricing Guarantee, you can trust that we’ll be there to get to you quickly and provide service at a fair price—unlike so many of those nationally-operated fleets. B&B Towing and Recovery is locally based, and we have a fleet of over 27 trucks, trailers and pieces of equipment available. We even have the specialized equipment to perform underwater recoveries, motorcycle towing, and towing for semi-trailers and other oversized vehicles. Because our fleet is so big, and we’re all locally based in Vermont and New Hampshire, we even perform roadside assistance services quickly. We can bring you fuel, jumpstart your car, or help you change a tire! If you need help with your vehicle, whether that means a tow, roadside assistance, or even mobile Truck repairs, you can call B&B Towing and Recovery any time!

When you need to get your vehicle from Vermont out to California, leave it to the professionals. B&B Towing and Recovery offers long-distance towing; just ask us!

If your RV tipped on the ice or your semi-trailer toppled, we have you covered. We have the specialty equipment to handle towing of all sizes, from small to oversized.

We specialize in all varieties of towing and recovery, and that includes everything from underwater recovery to crane and air cushion recovery.