Car troubles can throw off your routine. It may mean sharing a car with your spouse, carpooling with someone from work, or paying for a taxi just to get your groceries home. Don’t let car troubles drag your day down! With a local towing service that does more than just towing, you can get on the go again more quickly. At B&B Towing and Recovery, we offer towing services and more, so we can help you get back to your daily routine.


Towing and Recovery

Towing is in our name, which means it’s a central part of what we do. Whether you drive a motorcycle or a semi-truck, we have the experience and equipment necessary. We also provide recovery services, so we can get your vehicle out of that tight spot or pull it up an embankment. We even have a crane, so we can turn over toppled semi-trucks with trailers or other oversized vehicles.


Car and Truck Repair

If your car has been in an accident, and that’s why you need the tow, you’re probably already dreading figuring out the repairs. B&B Towing and Recovery also offers repair services for vehicles of all types, so we can help get your vehicle back to roadworthy again as soon as possible. Yes, even if you’re a semi-truck driver, we can help repair your rig.


Roadside Assistance

Does your car just need a little push to get going again? Whether it’s a flat tire, an empty gas tank, or anything in between, our crew can come by quickly and help you out. If your insurance policy offers roadside assistance, we may even be able to get our services covered by your insurance provider, so feel free to ask!

Whatever struggles your car is experiencing, the B&B Towing and Recovery team is here to help. Contact us 24/7 for assistance in Whitefield.