Whether you’ve run out of gas or you come out of work to an unexpected flat tire, even those smaller car issues can put a damper on your day. When vehicle issues happen, there’s no need to panic. At B&B Towing and Recovery, we offer towing and roadside assistance in Jay for vehicles of all sizes, from motorcycles and Smart cars all the way up to oversized semi-trailers, RVs, and more. Here are a few of the services we offer:


Roadside Assistance

Some days, you just need a bit of a push to get going again. We can bring you enough gas to get your car started again, help you change a flat tire, or whatever else you may need. And, we work with insurance companies, so odds are good we can help you out and get payment straight from your insurance if you carry roadside assistance coverage.


Towing and Recovery

What good is a towing company that can only tow a small set of vehicles? They’re probably still a good towing company, but only for those people who fit within a narrow set. Here at B&B Towing, we provide towing services of vehicles of all types and sizes, including oversized vehicles like RVs and busses.


Auto and Truck Repair

We strive to provide comprehensive automotive service, so we can get you and your vehicle going again as quickly as possible. To do so, we offer car and truck repair on top of our towing services. Yes, we even have the space, equipment, and experience to repair semi-trucks and large vehicles.

No matter what your auto issue is, B&B Towing and Recovery can help. Contact us any time to get the help you need.