Would you believe that the B&B Towing and Recovery family of services started out as a small business just selling kids’ ATVs? Well, believe it! Our towing company, auto service and truck repair services, and everything else we provide now had some pretty simple origins back in 2008. From kids’ ATVs, our Brownington location expanded to providing power sports repairs and sales (for adult-sized equipment as well as kid-sized), BOSS snow plow sales, and eventually expanded into towing and auto repair. Today, the B&B Towing and Recovery family of businesses offers a wide range of sales and services for power sports, passenger vehicles, and semi-trailer trucks. In addition to offering the towing, parts, and repair services you need, we aim to keep you educated so you know you’re getting the best service. Be sure to stay tuned to our blog as we discuss everything from the basics of what a tow entails to navigating roadside assistance, insurance questions, and more!

B&B Towing and Recovery’s Evolution

As we mentioned above, B&B Towing and Recovery is a family-owned business that started with power sports sales, parts, and repairs. As we expanded our offerings in Brownington, our business did so well that, by 2011, we were able to expand to a second location in the Lyndonville/St. Johnsbury area. Of course, we didn’t want to offer exactly the same services because that would be too easy! At our second location, we decided to expand our expertise to offering heavy truck towing and repairs as well as mobile truck repairs and in-shop auto repair for passenger vehicles. Then, just a few short months ago in 2016, we expanded a third time! Our third location in Littleton, New Hampshire is affiliated with International Trucks™, where we provide even more expert auto and truck repair as well as towing and recovery.

As our sales, repair, and towing company has grown, so has our expertise. Now, our family of technicians at our three locations has experience in a wide range of services including everything we’ve already mentioned plus collision repair and paint touch-ups, metal fabrication, hazmat clean up, and heavy equipment towing and operation. As we keep growing, B&B Towing and Recovery is creating more jobs and offering ever-increasing expertise so we can better serve you!

What We Do

As you may have gathered already, we offer a pretty wide range of services in order to provide our areas of Vermont and New Hampshire with all the car- and truck-oriented repairs and services you might need. Our goal is to provide you excellent service from your initial tow all the way through clean up, repairs, and even offering insurance navigating assistance to get your vehicle back to pre-collision state as swiftly and seamlessly as possible. Our towing and recovery team offers services both large and small, so give us a call, even if you’re dealing with something minor, like a flat tire, a dead battery, or an empty gas tank. We are AAA™ approved, so we can handle everything from roadside assistance to a long-distance tow job.

Semi-trailer drivers, whether you’re local or passing through, we understand that time is money, so the sooner your rig is repaired, the better. In order to do this, B&B Towing and Recovery offers everything from tire repair to mobile truck repair and even semi and heavy equipment recovery and towing. If the worst happens and your trailer ends up toppled with a full load, our expert technicians have the skills and equipment to get you upright, repaired, and on the road again as swiftly as possible. Our recovery team even includes divers so we can get your vehicle out of the water safely. Be sure to check our full list of services, because we can handle even more than we’ve mentioned in this post!

Whether you need a new paint job post-collision, a tow for your tractor, or new parts for your ATV, contact the team at B&B Towing and Recovery. Our locations in Littleton, Lyndonville/St. Johnsbury, and Brownington offer a wide range of towing, auto repair, and power sports sales and our expert team will provide the swift service and education you need. Contact us online with questions or to schedule service. For towing services 24/7, give us a call!