At B&B Towing and Recovery, your needs are always at the forefront of what we do. With spring officially here and the snowy weather (for now) a thing of the past, most people assume that we don’t stay as busy with providing towing, auto service, or roadside assistance. However, as anyone in this industry can tell you, car problems are no respecter of persons, situations, or weather conditions. From our trips out from our Brownington, VT towing and recovery shop to help with roadside assistance to large vehicle repairs at our St. Johnsbury, VT auto service shop, and everything in between, we’re staying pretty busy.

We are a towing and recovery service that does it all; we’re up for whatever challenge you throw at us and we won’t rest until we’ve done our best to give you a solution that you can get behind. Need our services in Vermont or New Hampshire? Reach out to one of our three towing and recovery locations to schedule service or to get emergency roadside assistance.

The Major Frustration of a Breakdown

Experiencing a car breakdown can be difficult; it completely interrupts your life, puts your day on hold, and forces you to put everything else on the back burner. One minute you’re going about your day, the next, you’re on the side of the road, beginning the process of getting help. You are probably trying not to worry about the cost of everything, and you’re figuring out who, in the long line of people you need to call, to reach out to first.

You’re initially calling for roadside assistance. As we know, if your vehicle needs a tow, most roadside assistance services put you in contact with a towing company, and you’ll need to be in constant communication with them until they reach you. You’ll also need to figure out where your vehicle will be towed to. If the mechanic shop of your choice is closed because it’s after hours, you may need to have your car towed somewhere else with an additional tow in the morning when the auto shop opens.

As you can probably understand, by the time it’s all said and done, you’ve exhausted your communication skills, you’ve talked to more people than you can remember, and you’ve probably spent a pretty penny.

Wouldn’t you love a towing and recovery service that can do it all?

B&B Towing and Recovery will not only provide you with excellent roadside assistance, we obviously can take care of your towing needs. Whether you have a car that requires flatbed towing, or you’re dealing with a large, heavy-duty vehicle that needs special equipment, we’ve got your towing needs covered. Our services don’t stop at towing, however. We’ve got a full-service auto repair shop that can take care of all of your vehicle repair needs. Do you have a special edition import? We can handle that. What about a broken semi truck? We can handle that too!

Reach Out to B&B

No matter what your towing and recovery needs are here in St. Johnsbury, we’re the roadside assistance, towing, and auto repair service that can meet them. We’re your local one-stop shop and we’d love to help you out. Contact B&B Towing and Recovery to schedule service or for emergency roadside assistance.