When you think about tow truck drivers, do you picture them driving in aimless circles around the county until there is a vehicle to tow? Well, that’s not exactly how it happens – which is probably a good thing since that would be quite the waste of gas! While it varies from one towing company to another, many of them offer additional services beyond towing. As you may imagine, the team at your local towing company, B&B Towing and Recovery, handles more than just your local towing needs. In fact, between our multiple locations in New Hampshire and Vermont, we handle a whole slew of different vehicle services! Here are some of the other things we (and many other) towing companies can do for you:


Roadside Assistance

You don’t need to wait until your car is totally stuck, no way it can get out, stranded in a huge muddy field before you give us a call. In fact, even if you simply run out of gas or experience a surprise flat tire, we can help you out. Many tow truck services offer roadside assistance to bring you fuel, jumpstart your battery, or change a flat tire for you. We can even unlock the door when you accidentally lock your keys in the car. What’s better, most towing companies work with insurance providers so your service may be covered by your car insurance! If you have questions about how that works, give us a call and we can walk you through the process any time, 24/7.


Repair Work

When a customer calls us for a tow, odds are good that something is wrong with the vehicle – you probably aren’t calling your local car towing service if your vehicle runs just fine. Just as with roadside assistance, a towing company like B&B Towing and Recovery may be able to get your car fixed up for you, wherever the problem occurs. We offer a mobile repair service to try and get you back up and running quickly. If it’s more involved than a roadside repair, we have a state of the art repair facility; we can get your vehicle back in working order whether it’s a bit of paint damage from a collision or an engine rebuild after a timing belt snapped.

Oversized Vehicle Assistance

At B&B Towing and Recovery, we handle all aspects of towing and repair, whether you drive a small VW Beetle or you need to keep your RV in good working order. We even specialize in eighteen-wheeler towing and repairs; we have the equipment necessary to tow your oversized vehicle and get it running again.


Whether you need a jumpstart for a dead battery, the dents in your truck repaired after a collision, or your tractor trailer towed, call B&B Towing and Recovery in Littleton. We have three locations in New Hampshire and Vermont, which allows us to provide nearly any service you might need. Check out our full list of services and locations online or give us a call any time, 24/7!