Winter is here. When it is cold and snowy it may feel like more of a chore to maintain your car, but it is something that is absolutely necessary throughout the snowy and cold conditions that can occur. These tips will allow you to avoid any unnecessary issues that may occur. If something does occur, then you can rest assured that your trusted towing company in Littleton, NH will be there to help you out. Contact B&B Towing for any of your towing needs! 

Keep Your Windshield Wiper Fluid Full

Road conditions can get pretty nasty after it has snowed. Even traveling on the interstate for a short period of time can cause a lot of dirty water to splash onto your windshield. Having windshield fluid can erase any sign of dirt or grime so you can rest assured that you will get where you are going with the maximum visibility that you need. 

Also, make sure to replace your windshield wiper blades whenever they wear down. The wiper fluid can’t do its job properly if your wiper blades are damaged enough to not completely remove the precipitation on the windshield. Keeping an eye on both of these things will ensure that you are able to see out on a consistent basis.

Don’t Put Your Defroster On High

When you first get out of your car in the morning before work, it can be hard not to turn the defroster all the way up so you don’t have to clear the ice off the car yourself, but don’t do it. The rapid temperature changes that can occur when you do this will make the windshield expand too quickly causing it to crack under the stress. 

We recommend that you turn your heat to focus on the actual cabin rather than the windshield first. This will allow the temperature of the windshield to slowly warm up instead of rapidly. Once the cabin is warm then you can put the defroster on the low to middle settings. Remember, don’t rely solely on the defroster, it may be cold to get out of your car and clear it yourself, but being uncomfortable for 5 minutes will far outweigh having to pay to repair your windshield.

Keep A Windshield Scraper In Your Car

It may seem like a good idea to keep your scraper inside your home because that is where you will use it the most, but it is actually a bad idea to leave it home. While the weather report in the morning could show that there will not be snow throughout the day, you never know if a sudden flurry will strike. Coming out to your car with snow on it and no scraper in sight can cause you to have to drive in dangerous conditions. When the roads are covered it is already difficult to drive on when you can see perfectly when you are doing so without being able to see well, you are simply risking your life for no reason. So make sure to always have a scraper handy.

Keep A Blanket In Your Car

A blanket may seem like it doesn’t belong anywhere outside your home, but it is actually highly recommended that you keep one in your car during the winter. Keeping a blanket in your car can protect you from the elements if you do get stranded and are waiting for a tow service to come and get your car. A blanket could mean the difference between you getting hypothermia or not.

Have A First Aid Kit In Your Car

Whether you slip and fall onto the ice next to your car or you get in an accident, a first aid kit is something that you should always have on hand. You never know when something could happen and this is one of those things that could really help you when you need it most. A simple cut could even distract you enough to take you away from concentrating on the road. Having that first aid kit could really come in handy in a lot of situations.

In the first aid kit, you should make sure that you have some sort of pain relief medication as well. Having a headache strike during a dangerous drive could mean the difference between you getting in an accident or not. Keeping some in your car would allow you to get where you are going safely and securely.

Winterize Your Tires

When the snow begins to fly, you don’t want to be stuck with tires that have no traction. Getting snow tires on your car is a must, especially here in Littleton, NH. They could be the difference between you getting to work or home safely and securely. It could even mean the difference between your vehicle getting stranded somewhere and you being able to get where you need to go. After all, would you rather pay $700 to get winter tires or pay thousands to repair your vehicle? I think most would say the price of new tires is far and away the better choice. Preventative options are always cheaper than reactive options, so take the preventative choice and get new tires before the snow piles up.

Let Your Vehicle Warm Up

It can be hard to let your vehicle warm up before driving but it is a necessary thing to do. The oil temperature needs to rise up to a certain level before it can properly go through your car. Driving before it has warmed up can damage the motor and cause worse issues down the line. Letting the oil get to its proper running level will help ensure that your car can operate for years and years to come. 

Also, make sure to pay attention to when your oil needs to be changed. During the winter, it can often work harder to get the motor to run because it is so much colder. Changing the oil on a routine basis will allow for your engine to work just a little bit less hard with freshly changed oil. This maintenance is always needed, but in the winter it is needed just a bit more.

Accidents Happen

You can’t always change the weather and sometimes it can cause an accident that couldn’t be avoided. If you have been in an accident and need a towing company in Littleton, NH, look no further than your trusted B&B towing. We are your number one source for quick and easy tows that will help you get back on the road that much faster. Contact us today!