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Many of us feel that we have a pretty good handle on what services a towing company can provide. We expect a tow truck to show up, get hooked up, and transport our vehicle to the decided destination. But are we fully aware of everything that a great towing company can do? In part one of our blog series, we discussed that your local towing company is capable of 24/7 services, flatbed towing, and more. In today’s blog, we’re going to continue our discussion on some of the common misconceptions regarding Danville’s top towing services.

Myth 4: Semi-Trucks Can’t Be Towed

We get it, when it comes to the weight and bulk of a tractor-trailer, it seems crazy to believe that any towing company could actually pull off a tow of that magnitude. And while many towing professionals don’t have the heavy-duty machinery to do it, it is possible with the right kind of equipment. Our pros at B&B are more than able to get your semi-truck towed to a safe location, and if you’re looking for truck repair, we are also qualified and experienced in semi truck repair, tow truck repair, and other large vehicle repairs.

Myth 5: All Towing and Recovery Services Provide Roadside Assistance

Certainly, there have been times when you’re stranded on the side of the road, whether out of gas or with a dead battery, and you were saved by a man in a tow truck. However, just because you’ve been aided by a tow truck pro during your time of need, doesn’t mean that every towing company can offer you roadside assistance. This service is quite a specialized thing and not only do you need a towing company that can offer it to you, you’ll want a company that is open all night long. You’ll be happy to know that B&B offers both features! We offer 24/7 roadside assistance to folks in Danville, Brownington, Lyndonville, St. Johnsbury, Littleton, and everywhere in between!

Myth 6: A Company That Specializes in Large Towing Won’t Tow Smaller Vehicles

When you come across a legit towing company that can quite literally tow anything, it’s easy to believe that that company will only go for the “big fish.” However, when you find the right Danville towing service pros, you’ll find that they’re more than willing to help with your situation, no matter how small your vehicle may be. B&B Towing and Recovery services can indeed pull off the biggest of towing jobs, but we’re also here for the everyday commuters, and weekend drivers. Make sure that you give us a call when you need anything from towing to roadside assistance to auto glass replacement to auto repair.

We understand that needing a tow can sometimes come about when you’re dealing with a stressful and difficult situation. As we hope that you’ve picked up from this blog series, towing and recovery services are simply not a one-size-fits-all business. Some towing business help support the belief in these myths, while others should help put these misconceptions to rest once and for all. Instead of searching “flatbed towing near me” or looking on google for a towing service that will also provide roadside assistance, why not contact your Danville team of towing professionals!

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