If you’ve been driving your whole life, you know that vehicles tend to break down at the worst time imaginable — when you’re running late to work, when you need to catch a flight, or when you’re going to visit a friend. Although you can certainly invest in preventative maintenance for your vehicle, there’s still a chance that you’ll experience a breakdown while out on the road. Fortunately, you don’t have to quickly look up and call the first towing company you find on the internet; you can plan ahead and find a tow truck company that’s both reliable and affordable.

We started B & B Towing and Recovery in 2008 by selling kids’ ATVs, but soon realized that our local community had a need for more reliable automotive services like repairs and expert towing and recovery. As our reputation grew and people realized we were a company they could depend on no matter their situation, we were able to expand significantly. Today, we have auto repair shops and stores in Brownington, Lyndonville, and Littleton and are able to serve a wide area around these cities.

Since 2008, our vision has been clear: 100 percent satisfaction with everything that we do. No matter whether you need urgent towing or recovery or you simply need quick and affordable roadside assistance, we are here to help. And you can rest assured that all of the services we offer, we do them well or your money back. Unfortunately, the towing and recovery industry is plagued with scams or people just trying to make a quick buck because they know you’re in a tight spot and need help. Instead, call the company you know you can trust: B & B Towing and Recovery.