It comes as no surprise that most people aren’t mechanics. When faced with car difficulties, people typically take their car straight into an auto shop to avoid having to do a DIY fix. However, on the other hand, there are people who try to avoid this as much as possible. Either they want to avoid the costs or they are under the impression that it’s nothing serious. For sake of clarity, we’re going to take a look at some of the warning signs your car may give off that everything is not “okay,” and you should take it to a mechanic immediately.

Flashing Check Engine Light

Oftentimes, when the check engine light comes on, people start freaking out thinking there’s something seriously wrong with their car. However, this is not always the case. If the light is just staying on and not flashing, this usually isn’t a cause for concern, but you should take it in to see a mechanic when you get the chance. If it’s flashing yellow or red though, you have a serious problem on your hands and you should pull over immediately.

Smoke From Under The Hood

It should be fairly obvious that if your car is smoking, you shouldn’t be driving it. This usually happens when your car is overheating so even if it’s still working fine, continuing to drive it will only lead to problems like engine failure.


A little bit of leakage under your car during hot summer days is normal. This is most likely just the refrigerant used in your air conditioning system. However, if your car is leaking oil, you’ll have a more serious issue on your hands. Take it in to see a mechanic immediately.

Low Tire Pressure

Like we talked about in our previous blog, having your tires at the wrong pressure is always cause for concern. As you drive, your tires will naturally and gradually lose pressure, but if you ignore your low tire pressure light for too long, your car will be less safe to drive and make you more likely to get in an accident.

Battery Light Is On

Another light you shouldn’t ignore is your battery light. The battery in your car plays an important role in getting you moving, so if the light comes on, it likely means there is corrosion, a short-circuit, or broken internal components. Take it to see a mechanic right away if you experience any of these issues.

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