A unique trailer is designed for transportation of the SHERP. It takes a few seconds to load the SHERP onto the trailer.

To make delivery of the all-terrain vehicle as easy and quick as possible, a special trailer was developed. Its load-carrying capacity and dimensions are adjusted for SHERP transportation by public roads. SHERP loading procedure is carried out under the vehicle’s own power. You can transport both an all-terrain vehicle and a pulka-type boat at the same time. The trailer is equipped with shock absorber, brakes, taillights, license plate lights and a telescopic jockey wheel. The frame is galvanized, which provides rust prevention for a long time.


  • Technical specifications
  • Suspension Spring + Shock absorber
  • Brake system Drum overrunning trailer brake
  • Tires 225/75 R16C
  • license plate lights Yes
  • Rear lights Yes
  • Length x Width x Height 4772 x 2200 x 839
  • Weight, kg 410