Wheels: unique anti-skid studs with extra strong tungsten tips for better off-road performance.

DESCRIPTION: The studded tires are specially developed for intensive SHERP operation in wintertime. Such tires increase the off road vehicles performance significantly and facilitate getting out of water onto the ice. Moreover, they facilitate SHERP driving on the ice and ice slopes.

The set consists of the following:

  • 4 studded tires 1600х600-25;
  • 4 galvanized steel rims;
  • 8 cast light-alloy bead locks;
  • 96 fastening bolts.

Stud specifications:

  • Ø/ length, mm 11 x 22.8
  • Projecting part, mm 5.3
  • In-depth positioning , mm 17.5
  • Core Ø, mm 2.6
  • Core Tungsten
  • Operating on Snow / Ice / Soil