A rear view camera facilitates greatly the SHERP control. It provides good visibility, so you can easily move back and park without problems, even within the limited space.

The rear view camera is a useful and viable option. It makes the control of the SHERP even more comfortable and safe. A wireless signal transmits an image to a display located on a dashboard. If you have a camera, reversing or avoiding obstacles will not cause you any difficulties.

Advantages of the cameras are as follows:

  • parking guidelines;
  • dust- and waterproofness;
  • high light-sensitivity;
  • reliability.

Technical specifications

  • sensor Color, SONY CCD
  • power 12V
  • angle of view 170°
  • light-sensitivity 0,1 lux
  • Resolution 728*582 / 728*512
  • Ingress Protection Rating IP68
  • parking guidelines +
  • operating temperature -30 +70