In our last blog post, we covered the gear you’ll need to begin riding ATVs as well as how to pick out the perfect ATV for your needs. In this blog post, we’ll cover how to learn to ride an ATV and then riding one for the very first time.

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While it can appear to be easy to ride an ATV (after all, you simply turn the key, put it in drive, and hit the gas), there is definitely more to it than meets the eye. B&B Towing and Recovery wants to remind you that safety is above all else and when you’re riding in an open-air vehicle, there is a greater chance of injury than just riding in a car. Plus, you are talking about a machine that weighs considerably less than your vehicle, making the handling considerably different. ATVs are a lot easier to roll, they stop faster, and they have sharper turns in general. Furthermore, shifting your weight while riding an ATV is important as well in order to avoid rollovers and instability as well.

The best way to get prepared to ride an ATV, especially if you’ve never ridden one before, is to take a class. The ATV Safety Institute offers classes all over the country, or just find a local trainer near you. A lot of learning to drive an ATV is practice and hours on the machine, just like driving. B&B Towing and Recovery in Lyndonville recommends that you start in a safe environment with proper instruction before going out on the trails on your own.


After your supervised ATV riding classes are over, it’s time to hit the trails. B&B Towing and Recovery knows that this is the moment you’ve been waiting for — to finally let loose and go explore. However, it’s best not to take your first ATV trip to Moab, Utah. Instead, find a nice, relatively smooth and flat trail to practice on. Take it slow; there’s no need for speed just yet. You are still getting a feel for how your machine handles. Take the time to learn your machine well before flying out of the gate.

Most ATVs have the controls in the same spots, with a thumb throttle on the right and the handbrake to the front brakes on the left. Some ATVs have a twist throttle similar to a motorcycle. If there is a clutch, it will be on the left handlebar, but most newer ATVs are all automatic. The rear brakes are underneath your right foot.

Find easy trails to start out on, and then gradually progress in speed and ability as you feel more comfortable behind the wheel. Practice turns and shifting your body weight. Try to drive with few distractions. And always drive where you can see what’s coming up ahead. B&B Towing and Recovery in Lyndonville wants you to remember that this is fun, and soon enough you’ll be tearing it up like a pro!


Most of the time, you won’t be sitting on an ATV while riding unless you’re out for a casual ride down a dirt road. Instead, if you’re on some gnarly trails, you’ll want to hover over your ATV, or stand up. To do this, you simply stand up over the seat with your elbows out and knees bent. This will not only give you greater visibility while riding, but it will also give you greater control over the machine as shifting your weight is easier and you won’t feel the bumps as much.


All of the above are tips for your standard ATV. When riding a side-by-side, it’s mostly different. Side-by-sides are set up more like cars, with a gas pedal and a brake. It has a steering wheel like your car does, and a shifter. You won’t stand up in a side-by-side to steer or drive as these machines are bigger and designed to balance out your weight already. Again, B&B Towing and Recovery recommends that you practice with a side-by-side as well. Although it’s very similar to a car, it is smaller and handles differently. You’ll want to practice turns and bumps and rock climbing if you intend to be doing a lot of that in your future.


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