How many commercials have you seen in which someone is stranded in the middle of nowhere, often during the middle of the night, and gets stuck trudging for miles in the dark to find the nearest gas station, all because they forgot to fill up earlier? Or maybe the poor person is baking under the hot sun, dragging themselves along the road because their car overheated and they don’t have anyone to call to come help them out? Sure, those commercials for roadside assistance programs are overblown, but anyone who has had a minor roadside emergency can probably commiserate. If you’re fortunate enough to have never needed a jumpstart for your car or a flat tire changed, you may be wondering if those specialty roadside assistance programs are even worth it.


Do You Need Roadside Assistance at All?

Generally, the answer to this question will depend on your budget and needs. By and large, you don’t actually need roadside assistance, because the coverage is for things you could generally handle yourself or (usually) prevent. That being said, many individuals prefer the peace of mind, and the help with costs, just knowing that they have a service ready to help if they face an emergency with their vehicle outside of collision. Roadside assistance services will vary from company to company, but by and large, you can expect them to change a flat tire for you, bring a gallon or two of gas if you run out, jumpstart a dead car battery, and so on. Some roadside assistance will tow your vehicle for you as part of the service, and some provide that at a discount. The caveat to all this is the cause of the problem; if you’re facing car troubles because of a collision, you’ll want to call your auto insurance provider, not roadside assistance.

Specialty Programs or Not?

Specialty roadside assistance companies like AAA® offer roadside assistance – and that’s usually all they do. Many of them do not provide towing services, or will only cover a portion of the tow cost. But, because they provide a range of valuable services when you need them most, many people believe quite firmly that they absolutely need to have a specialty roadside assistance service. Depending on the program you select, there may be additional perks to the program, things like discounts at certain nation-wide chains. However, those additional discounts may or may not be enough to make the roadside assistance program itself worthwhile. The good news is, many of the national insurance providers also offer roadside assistance, often at a fraction of the cost of those specialty programs because the fee is part of your monthly insurance fee. If you’d rather not pay for a costly roadside assistance program, towing companies like B&B Towing and Recovery can also help. You may find that the service you need is less costly than those specialty roadside assistance programs that charge a hefty fee.


If you need roadside assistance in Littleton, New Hampshire or the surrounding areas, call B&B Towing and Recovery! We offer roadside assistance and we work with most insurance providers. If you have questions or need assistance, contact us now!