Being a good driver isn’t all about how well you can control your car; it is about being a safe and courteous driver. It can be hard to get less upset on the road and simply go with the flow, but actually doing so can lead to you being a safer and better driver. Not only that, but it would be appreciated by all those behind the wheel around you as well. Here are some tips on how to be more courteous when driving. 

Let People In

This is one of the biggest issues when it comes to the road. You need to get to your destination just like everyone else, but not letting someone in when they are signaling causes more issues than it resolves. If a person is not being let in, they may brake to get in behind you which can slow the traffic in the opposite lane down and if they are too preoccupied with trying to get into the lane that they are getting in they may not be paying attention to the cars in front of them which could cause an accident.

Signal Far In Advance

Using your turning signal is one of the easiest things to do when driving. Some people claim that they do, but when they do, they turn it on for a second and come over. This can cause many issues for all the drivers behind them because it can often catch them off guard. If they are not fully paying attention then it could turn into an accident. Turning it on long before you come into the new lane will allow everyone around you to adjust their speed so that no issues arise.

Stay In The Right Lane

If you are not passing someone, then there is no reason for you to be in the left lane. The left lane is meant for passing those in the right lane. If you stay there without passing then it can cause more congestion since traffic isn’t flowing the way that it is supposed. Even if you are speeding, if someone is going faster than you in the left lane, then it is good to get over to let them pass. 

Don’t Brake Constantly

We all need to adjust our speed according to everyone else when we are on the interstate, but in order to do so, you do not need to constantly tap the brakes. If you do, it can sometimes cause traffic jams because everyone else behind you is braking. Tapping your brakes does little to slow down your car and if you aren’t pressing the gas, your car will typically slow down all on its own. 

Maintain A Safe Distance Behind The Car In Front Of You

Maintaining a safe distance behind whoever is in front of you will not only allow you to adjust your speed properly, but it will also give you enough time to slow down. It also makes the person in front of you extremely nervous, so if it can be avoided, then it absolutely should be.

Accidents Can Happen

Even if you are courteous, sometimes an accident can’t be avoided. If you have been in an accident and need roadside assistance in Littleton, NH, look no further than your trusted B&B towing. Contact us today!