Welcome back to our blog page here at B&B Towing and Recovery. During these winter months here in Danville, we’re staying as busy as ever with cars that have gone off the road, vehicles that have stalled, and even tractor-trailers that have ended up on their sides due to strong winds. We do so much more than car towing here at B&B. As our name implies, we are a towing and recovery service and when we say “recovery,” we mean that we can take care of everything from heavy-duty truck repairs, trailer repairs, ATV sales and service, paint and collision repairs, snow plow sales and service, crane service, roadside assistance, and so much more! From the start of your frustrations to the moment you walk out of our shop, breathing a breath of fresh air, we’ve got you covered. We are your go-to local towing service and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Why Are We Different?

Most people don’t realize the extent of what B&B Towing and Recovery can do. We are simply so much more than a tow service, and as the word has been getting out about everything that we can do, we’ve experienced so much more variety in our calls. Your local towing company can perform almost any service that you’re needing. Making sure that we’re standing out above the competition is extremely important to us and in today’s two-part blog, we’re going to discuss what makes B&B different from the rest.

Flatbed Towing

Most people don’t really know about the different kinds of towing available today, and if they’re not familiar with those differences, how can they know what methods are superior for their vehicle? Our methods for flatbed towing in Danville are one of the things that make us unique. Flatbed towing is especially useful for unique vehicles, large farm or industrial vehicles, or even vehicles with flat tires. So, instead of simply searching, “flatbed towing near me,” make sure you call the experts! But what is it about flatbed towing that is superior to other methods?

Flatbed Towing is Safer – As you can probably assume, having all of the wheels of your vehicle off of the ground is so much better for its safety and protection. With traditional hook and chain towing, you put your back tires at risk of becoming worn unevenly. Additionally, if your car has been wrecked, you risk further damage by transporting it at that extreme angle. If you care about your car, you should definitely opt for flatbed towing.

Flatbed Towing is Versatile – Many tow trucks are extremely limited in what kind of towing they can offer, but flatbed towing is extremely versatile. They can tow cars, trucks, SUVs, exotic vehicles, and almost anything else that can actually fit on a flatbed. They are also ideal for transporting low height cars and motorcycles. If your need is flatbed towing, Danville has the answer for you: B&B Towing and Recovery.

Towing Crashed or Awkwardly Shaped Vehicles – When we’re dealing with a vehicle that has been in an accident, there are different things to consider. Certain accidents, whether from being too severe or crunched in the wrong places, leave vehicles in a condition that make them nearly or completely impossible to transport with a traditional hook and chain. Flatbed trucks never run into this problem because they can transport a vehicle even after it’s been completely misshapen from a crash.

Flatbed Towing is Convenient – With traditional towing, there are often multiple steps that need to be taken before a vehicle can be towed away. In certain cases, a vehicle’s driveshaft must be completely removed in order to avoid damage to the transmission. When this is necessary, it can become a time-consuming and tedious process. Flatbed towing is literally as simple as driving your car up a ramp; that’s a pretty stress-free method if you ask us!

As you can see, we think that flatbed towing is extremely important, and in some cases, the necessary way to transport vehicles. If you’re needing flatbed towing, make sure that you call the experts!

Contact the Experts

Though we’ve talked a lot about flatbed towing today, we do all kinds of Danville towing and recovery services here at B&B. How many towing and recovery service companies are able to take care of tractor-trailer accidents, heavy-duty industrial vehicle mishaps, and basically anything else! B&B Towing and Recovery are your best option for towing, auto repair, power sports, truck repairs, roadside assistance, auto glass repair, and so much more! Make sure that you always call the best when you need flatbed towing in Danville, large vehicle towing in St. Johnsbury, or roadside assistance in Littleton. Contact us today for service and stay tuned for part two of our blog series in which we’ll talk about some of our other amazing services!