B&B Towing and Recovery in Brownington all started over 10 years ago with a passion for kids’ ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) and dirt bikes. Soon, we expanded into offering the same services for adults. Today, we offer a full line of OEM and aftermarket ATV and power sports parts for your ATV and dirt bikes. We have all the gear too so you can stay safe while you’re enjoying the great outdoors in Northern Vermont. But just how do you get started riding ATVs? Continue reading below to learn more, then visit our shop to get stocked for your first ATV adventure!


Gear up.

While riding ATVs is an amazing experience full of fun and excitement, you’ll need to have the right gear before you go exploring the great outdoors.

  • Helmet. First, you’ll need a helmet in case you fall off. A helmet is essential gear to protect you from serious injury.
  • Goggles. Next, you’ll need goggles to protect your eyes. Frequently while riding, rocks, dirt, and dust can fly up and hit you in the eyes. Most of us like being able to see, so investing in a good pair of goggles is essential before you embark on your first ATV adventure.
  • Clothes. You’ll need riding gear, such as riding pants or a shirt, which will protect you in case you fall from getting road rash and the like. B&B Towing and Recovery notes that jeans and a long-sleeve shirt will work as well.
  • Gloves. While not necessary, some people enjoy wearing gloves while riding ATVs. Gloves not only protect your hands from the elements, but they also allow you a better grip on the handlebars if so desired.
  • Riding boots. Again, while not absolutely necessary, boots can help you while riding ATVs by protecting your feet. A good pair of hiking boots can suffice as well.
  • Pads. You can go all out and buy pads that cover every part of your body, from elbow pads to shin guards, or you can not have any at all. B&B Towing and Recovery in Browington recommends you invest in at least a chest protector so if you fall, your vital organs, such as your heart and lungs, will be protected.

Choosing your ATV

Now this is where the fun begins! Choosing your ATV is like choosing your automobile — you’re going to want to decide what you will be using your ATV for primarily, where you will be going, and how often you will be riding. There are many different types of ATVs you’ll want to consider. You can choose from a utility ATV. These guys usually have a cargo area in the back for hauling hay for instance or tools around the farm. Or you can choose a recreational ATV. However, there are many types of these as well. There are your traditional quads (so called because they have four wheels) or there are now side by sides, which are designed for passengers.

If you are primarily looking to take the kids and family out for the day or out camping and riding, a side by side is most likely for you. If you are just riding solo, a traditional quad may be your cup of tea. And that’s not even the end. Amongst all of these are ATVs and side by sides designed for speed and rock crawling, much like Jeeps (and they can be almost as big!). These guys are monster machines, but insanely fun machines. B&B Towing and Recovery in Brownington suggests going and checking out all of your options in person before deciding on which one is for you.


These are just the first two steps in learning how to ride ATVs. Stay tuned for our next blog post for the next two steps once you buy your gear and your machine.

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