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There are all kinds of things that can cause you frustrations when it comes to your car. With engine problems, tire issues, and brakes, there might be any number of issues that your car may be dealing with at a given time. Some of these problems can come about because of something that you did, (running over a nail), something that you didn’t do, (seek needed service), or like in some cases, something that was completely out of your control.

This is often the reason that a person will require auto glass replacement in Brownington. There are many reasons to need professional windshield replacement and there are certain professionals who can do the job right. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at everything you need to know about car window replacement!

Common Causes of Car Window Damage

Highway Debris – A common way to encounter windshield damage to your car is to have rocks or other debris flung at your car while driving on the highway. Due to the high speeds, even small rocks or debris can cause a chip in your windshield. If you’re dealing with a chip or a chip that’s become a large crack, contact B&B for our NEK auto glass repair and replacement.

Hail – Another popular way for your windshield to take on damage is due to severe weather or hail. Nature’s elements can be fierce and if your car isn’t under cover during a storm, you might find that your windshield has taken the brunt of the hailstorm. Contact B&B for car window replacement after a severe hailstorm.

Car Accident – Car accidents are another common way for your windshield or other car windows to become damaged. Whether your accident resulted in a small window crack that requires a repair, or a large amount of damage that requires windshield replacement, contact us for help today!

Car Break-Ins – We understand how incredibly frustrating it can be to come out to drive your car to work in the morning and find that it’s been broken into. Unfortunately, his kind of thing can happen in large cities and small, in rough neighborhoods and “safe” ones. When you find that one of your windows has been broken out, make sure that you call us right away.

Oops Moments – We refer to these occasions as “oops moments” because they can lead to damage to your car window and can often be the result of your mistake or the mistake of someone else. These instances include when a baseball hits your windshield, when you scrape your ice a little too aggressively, or when any other unexpected incident occurs. Contact B&B so that we can help you through all of those “oops moments.”

Contact the Experts

When you find yourself in need of auto glass replacement here in Brownington, don’t drive around with your chip or window crack; call the experts! B&B Towing and Recovery would love to take care of you with our in-house class specialists: NEK Auto Glass! Contact us today for all of your car window repair and replacement needs.